A little bragging

this past weekend I exhibited at "On The Green" in Glastonbury, CT.  i didn't know about this until someone i met at the Field of Artisans show recommended it.  (thanks Lisa!)  being an extroverted introvert, i love chatting with strangers and making new friends.  in fact that's one of the reason i like shows.  as a fine art show, "On The Green" was excellent with many amazing artists.  the unlimited coffee was a plus.  and I had the best booth neighbors that watched out for me.  (thanks Linda for getting that guy out of my booth!)  we had lots of fun chitchatting, talking shops and trading recipes.  as a bonus for this lovely weekend, i was selected as this year's Best In Show in the jewelry category!  i love the blue ribbon.  i haven't gotten one of those since high school!  Thank you, Glastonbury Arts.  

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