hey there how are you?

A little bragging

this past weekend I exhibited at "On The Green" in Glastonbury, CT.  i didn't know about this until someone i met at the Field of Artisans show recommended it.  (thanks Lisa!)  being an extroverted introvert, i love chatting with strangers and making new friends.  in fact that's one of the reason i like shows.  as a fine art show, "On The Green" was excellent with many amazing artists.  the unlimited coffee was a plus.  and I had the best booth neighbors that watched out for me.  (thanks Linda for getting that guy out of my booth!)  we...

We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost

and just like that, we arrived at the end of August.  i hope your summer has been lovely.  i hope it got a sprinkle of romance, a dollop of debauchery, a cup full of joy with the top shelf stuff.  

for the month of July i hopped down to mexico for a little adventure.  Oaxaca has been on my list for about 7 years.  i remember sitting next to a middle age American lady on a plane many years ago.  she was eating an avocado with a spoon at the window seat.  both of us...

It's almost Valentine's Day

my first show of 2019 was at the Whaler Brewery down in South Kingston.  what a blast!  i got to try out some local brew and made some new friends.  it's such a great venue.  have you been there?  if not, let's go!  we can buy each other a drink.