This is for the explorer, the dreamer and the archivist.

Jewelry is more than just a beautiful adornment.  It is a biographical object.  It could be sentimental and aspirational.  It is a magical talisman.  Each piece we chose to wear tells a story of where we have been and what we desire to become.  Great museums showcase jewelry collections from antiquities.  They are records of how us as human has always used them to summon strength, love, to call upon fortune and to seal our intentions through the eons and across all cultures.  

My name is Carrie, I grew up with one too many tales of adventure.  Curiosity has brought me to the high mountain ruins in South America, the lush rainforest in the Amazona and many unmapped paths through Asia.  At the heart of all the adventures though, is always a search for the commonalities, the ties that bind us as a collective human race.  Jewelry is the perfect medium to express the ubiquitous nature of these shared experiences.  After years of roaming the globe and sharpening my metal smithing skills, my heart had called me to embark on the next undertaking as a jewelry maker and design.  KALAI Jewelry was established in 2018.  

KALAI is a collection inspired by my love of travel.  Each piece was meticulously crafted using recycled silver and responsibly sourced gemstone.  They are designed for fellow voyagers, curators and dreamers to record special memories, to commemorate celebrations, or as an ember to keep the fire burning in the times of need.  I hope some pieces will ignite wanderlust and become your call-to-adventure amulet.

Join me here, discover something special, find your inspiration, dream forward.