We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost

and just like that, we arrived at the end of August.  i hope your summer has been lovely.  i hope it got a sprinkle of romance, a dollop of debauchery, a cup full of joy with the top shelf stuff.  

for the month of July i hopped down to mexico for a little adventure.  Oaxaca has been on my list for about 7 years.  i remember sitting next to a middle age American lady on a plane many years ago.  she was eating an avocado with a spoon at the window seat.  both of us being solo travelers we just started trading pleasantries.  i still recall how she beamed when Oaxaca came up.  at the time i didn't even know how to pronounce Oaxaca or knew where it was, but her enthusiasm left a spark in my mind.  

i made it, finally!  and it was even more wonderful than i had imagined.  amazing food, amazing guelaguetza festival, amazing coffee, amazing friends.  i could not have been any luckier!  maybe it was the papel picado necklace that brought me luck.  i was very happy to receive quite a few compliments on it.  

you got a question about traveling to Oaxaca?  do you want my recommendations?   wanna tell me about your favorite taco joint?  don't be shy.  please, write me anytime!  i would like to hear your stories.  :)  



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